2 Year + Online

The most epic of PvP servers is coming, keeping Lineage 2 alive and raising it to new levels, for an even more amazing experience!
Lineage 2 Royal will bring back good old memories!
– L2Royal.eu Staff.

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L2 Royal PVP Server Info
New Client + Protection.

We invite you to run the updater to obtain version 1.35.

You need to remove custom interfaces if you have one.

Game/UI files cannot be edited.

You need to have a clean Royal interface.

In case of problems, a small window will appear to warn you.

The update was made to guarantee you a clean and fairest gaming experience possible!

Update 1.352024/01/06
Royal PVP Server Info
L2 Royal PVP Server is now online since 2 year +

The only server that kept its promises by always being online.

Weekly updates to keep the server always active!

Enjoy the Retail Balance, the real Lineage is HERE!

The only server with perfect pvp balance, join us!

2 Years Online2024/01/06
Royal PVP Server Info
L2 Royal Retail PVP

Start: Monday, 07/01/2022 at 18:00 GMT +1

The perfect mix for relax and have fun!

Loads of new zone and event modes, don't miss the best server of the year!

Grand Opening2022/01/01